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Faust DVD's.



Each DVD is £15.00.  Plus £2.50 U.K. Postage.  £3.50 Airmail.  DVD's are 95 minutes, 90 minutes, and  l00 minutes respectively.

All DVD's are British Standard Pal format.  DVD-R.  Region 2.   These DVD's will play in the U.K. and Europe.   Also anywhere abroad on a multi-region DVD player. 

Special Offer:  Buy all three DVD's for £35.00 plus £4.00 postage U.K.

Also, these three DVD's are available in NTSC format, Region 1, for U.S.A. and Canada.  £15.00 each plus £4.00 airmail, or all three for £35.00 plus £8.00 airmail postage and packing.

For contents of each DVD please send for a flyer from:  [email protected]

Or visit the appropriate page on http://www.faustsmagicinstore.com/




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