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The Evolution of Faust. The Autobiography of Granville Taylor.

This book is a limited edition of 250 copies, each one numbered and signed by the author.  There are 276 pages including 40 pages in full colour, with 200 photographs.  The book, A4 size, is stapled and bound with red Rexine cardboard covers.

Granville Taylor has made use of his 14 scrapbooks and over 12 photograph albums to give an accurate and detailed account in chronological order of his life from "Boy Magician", to stage assistant to MURRAY (1951) and THE GREAT LYLE (1953), to presenting an act "The Devil's Bar"on Moss Empire theatres, to building up a big illusion show with his own company, and achieving his ambitions on the other side of the world with the show he devised, produced, directed, and presented, where all the tricks and illusions fitted a story theme in a Pageant of British Magic through the Ages -  Illusions of  Devant, De Biere, Murray, Lyle, Amac, Ali Bey, & Cingalee.

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