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Workshop Plans Book

A Granville Taylor Publication.  "Workshop Plans" by Granville Taylor (Faust the Magician).  A Limited edition of only 200 copies.  Each one is numbered and signed by the Author.  129 pages, including 16 pages in full colour, with 36 photographs.  The book, A4 size, is stapled and bound with "Rexine" cardboard covers.  These are the original plans drawn by Granville Taylor over many years when making magical equipment to be used by himself as Faust the Magician in his theatre and cabaret tours around the world, and some to be marketed by "Taylor-Made Magic" for other magicians.


The Arabian Cabinet;  Coin Stand;  Table for Glass, Decanter, & Handkerchief;  Table for Smoke Vase;  Devant's Vest Servante;  Special Crocodile Clip for a Martin/Hammerton "Flying Ring" Reel;  Martin's Release Clip;  Brass Bowl for Cigarette Routine;  Mirror Box Illusion;  Murray's "Beheaded Princess" Illusion;  Tray for Decapitated Head;  The Sand Wand;  Making Spider for Card Spider;  'Boon' type Thumb Writer; Changing Jumbo Card;  Vanishing Birdcage Clip;  Max Sterling's "Egg on Fan";  T.Nelson Downs Coin Wand;  Reel Wand;  Pagoda of Flowers;  Making Fibreglass Billiard Ball Shells; Livestock Production Bag (Okito type);  Display Board for 20 Pocket Watches; A Vintage type Vest Servante;  Table for Solo Act;  My Dove Cage Vanish;  The Rubber Band "Snapper";  Dog Kennel Illusion;  Dog to Duck Table;  Tables for Water Bowls Production;  Rising Ring on Wand;  Harlequin type Cigarette Holder;  "Marco's" version of Glass Suspension from Bottle;  Changing Ladle;  Rabbit Vanish Tray (Goldin);  "The Artist's Dream" (David Devant);  My Coin Ladder;  My Flowering Bouquet;  Modification to Wind-up Gramophone Motors;  My 5-Bloom Flowering Rose Bush.  Plus an eight page list of all the tricks and illusions built by Granville Taylor since 1941.

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More Workshop Plans.

A Granville Taylor Publication.



Granville Taylor

(Faust the Magician)

124 pages with 49 colour photographs.  The book, A4 size, is stapled and bound with "Rexine" cardboard covers.


Production of two Trays of Beer Glasses; Close-up Carrying Case/Table;  Horace Goldin's Chair to Suitcase;  The Golden Wand;  My Dancing Cane;  Thimble Holders;  Board for Rapping Hand;  The 'Bean' Card Holdout;  the ' Miracle' Billiard Ball;  Smoking the Thumb;  Box for Vanishing Garter;  'Jig' for 'Jimmy';  Making 'Jimmy' for 'Asrah';  'Dural' Rising Wand;  Special Pockets on Evening Dress Tail Suit;  Matchbox Magic;  The 'Edgar' Liberty Pull;  The Guy Higgins Improved Liberty Pull;  the Hoffmann Jumping Cards;  An Antique Drawer Box;  Drawer Box for a Rabbit;  Double Locking Drawer Box;  Double Locking Drawer Box for Billiard Balls to Dove;  Another Drawer Box (Double Locking) for producing Close-up Magic Tricks;  Repeat Changing Cards in Wine Glass;  Cigarette Catching Clip;  Chris Charlton's Glass Penetration Frame Improved;  My Glass Suspension from a Bottle;  Marco's Shower of Cards;  Neodynium Magnet Coin Trick Gimmick;  The Crinoline Illusion;  21-Bloom Flowering Rose Bush, and Faust's Snake Basket.

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Further Workshop Plans.

"FURTHER WORKSHOP PLANS".  A Granville Taylor Publication. A limited edition of 200 copies, each one numbered and signed by the author.  92 pages, including 12 pages in full colour.The book, A4 size, is stapled and bound with "Rexine" cardboard covers. This is the third and final volume of my Workshop Plans, and I have saved the best to the last.  As a stage assistant to Murray in 1951, and later with The Great Lyle (1953), I had the opportunity and pleasure of seeing two Masters of Magic performing twice nightly, presenting some of the best tricks and illusions of all time.  Secretly I recorded details of the tricks and illusions in two note books, and filed descriptions and measurements ofn them later for future reference.  This book includes much of that information and appears here for the first time.

PLANS:  Liquid "Just Chance";  Murray's Flower Production;  The Water Bowl Production;  The Elastic Lady llusion;  Murray's Substitution Trunk;  Lyle's Hat Box Illusion - "Quick";  Three Hat Boxes Production - with Hats;  Devant's "Biff" Illusion - renamed "The Noise" by Lyle;  Hats from the Shadows;  The Merry Widow Illusion;  "Crushing a Woman" Illusion;  Cigar Box to Rabbit; "The Cunning Bunny";  Lyle's Side Table;  "Dressing" - "The Evolution of Fashion";  The Morritt Cage;  Lyle's Chocolate Box Illusion;  Lyle's "Sands of Pekin";  The Palanquin Illusion;  The Sword Box Illusion;  The Chinese Pagoda Illusion;  The Toy Soldier Illusion;  Kardoma's Flag Finale;  "Stretching a Tie";  The Magic Fountain Pen;  Candelabra Stage Set-Piece;  Tip-Over Rabbit Vanish Box;  The Devil's Bird Cage;  The Crystal Casket;  Murray's Coat-Tails Servante;  Lyle's Clay Pipes Routine;  Lyle's "Floating Ball Routine";  Dante's "Floating Ball Routine."

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